Getting Started with Zero Trust

This book introduces five “on-ramps” to begin your initiative quickly and successfully

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Zero Trust is a security strategy, and by definition is broad in scope and impact. Because of this, it can be overwhelming for the security practitioner, as well as for enterprises looking to adopt it. As a result, people often struggle to get started with their Zero Trust initiatives. This can lead to stalled projects, a too-technical approach that delivers minimal benefits, or organizational pushback.

Our focused and readable book provides clear guidance on how to successfully get started with a Zero Trust initiative. Covering technical and non-technical aspects, it gives you the knowledge and skills to define and communicate the value that Zero Trust will bring, identify and eliminate barriers to success, and determine appropriate “on-ramps” for initial Zero Trust projects.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Who This Book Is For
    • Diagrams and Visual Language
    • What Does a Successful Zero Trust Initiative Look Like?
  • What is Zero Trust?
  • Current Zero Trust Frameworks
  • Selling your Enterprise on the Value of Zero Trust
    • Security Audiences
    • IT Audiences 
    • Technical Audiences 
    • Business Audiences
  • Zero Trust Prerequisites
    • Non-Prerequisites 
  • Zero Trust On-Ramps
    • Zero Trust On-Ramp: VPN Replacement
    • Zero Trust On-Ramp: Cloud Migration
    • Zero Trust On-Ramp: DevOps
    • Zero Trust On-Ramp: Administrator Access
    • Zero Trust On-Ramp: Business Process-Driven Access
    • Other On-Ramps
    • Areas to Avoid
  • Zero Trust Policies
  • What to Learn From Your First Zero Trust Project 
  • Conclusion

This 80-page book is a quick read, and will provide you with the tools, skills, and vocabulary you need to be able to successfully promote, create, and execute a Zero Trust initiative in your enterprise.

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