Zero Trust Education: Overview

Ensure that you, as well as your security, network, identity, and IT teams are well-versed in the basic concepts, approaches, and benefits of Zero Trust security. We have two sets of educational offerings, Books and Briefings.

For technical individuals, we recommend our foundational book Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, which is available in print and digital editions from the publisher here, as well as at online bookstores everywhere. (Use the coupon code ZEROTRUST for a 20% discount when purchasing directly from the publisher, through June 1, 2023).

For teams looking to begin their Zero Trust journey, our new Getting Started with Zero Trust eBook gives readers the tools, skills, and vocabulary they need to begin executing a Zero Trust initiative in their enterprise. This focused and readable book covers both technical and non-technical aspects, and gives readers the ability to define and communicate the value that Zero Trust will bring, identify and eliminate barriers to success, and determine appropriate “on-ramps” for initial Zero Trust projects. Find more information here.

For non-technical business leaders, we offer two briefings. Delivered in hybrid or virtual formats, the Zero Trust for Business Leaders briefing is aimed at non-technical enterprise leaders, such as the CEO, CFO, CRO, CMO, or COO, as well as functional VPs and managers. This audience needs to understand why Zero Trust is important, and how it can benefit the business from not just security, risk, and resilience perspectives, but also how it can drive business growth, agility, and innovation. This 2-hour briefing will generate excitement and support for the organization’s Zero Trust initiative. Our 1-hour Zero Trust for the Board briefing concisely explains the value and opportunity of this modern security approach, presented in non-technical, business-friendly language. Complete information on our briefings is available here.