About Numberline Security

Numberline Security, LLC provides strategic Zero Trust Security education and advisory services, helping enterprises make sense of, implement, operationalize, and obtain maximum security and business benefits from this modern approach to information security.

Numberline is led by Jason Garbis, a security industry veteran and Zero Trust leader. Jason has written several books, including Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, and the forthcoming Getting Started with Zero Trust. He is co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, and is a frequent contributor to and speaker at industry conferences.

Zero Trust is a demonstrably better way to approach enterprise security, but it can be complex and overwhelming. Without a sound roadmap and implementation plan, your organization risks falling short of the promised benefits, and inadvertently perpetuating weak and outdated security models. By partnering with Numberline, your organization can successfully understand, plan, and implement a Zero Trust security initiative. Together, we’ll help you deliver significantly improved security, enhance your enterprise’s resiliency, and securely enable business growth. 

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You can also find us on Mastodon: @Numberline@infosec.exchange and via email at info@NumberlineSecurity.com