Zero Trust Services: For Enterprises

Your journey deserves a sound, coherent, and realistic plan.

Securing your enterprise is hard, especially when lines of business and end users demand support for new technologies, with easy and unimpeded access from anywhere and any device to any resource. This is extremely difficult to achieve with traditional information security architectures, organizations, and toolsets.

Zero Trust is a demonstrably better approach to security, and can deliver benefits for the business and its users, in addition to the IT, security, and operations teams. However, Zero Trust, because it’s a security strategy and philosophy, isn’t always simple to understand, design for, and execute both technically and organizationally. This is often due to a complex and brittle IT and security infrastructure, technology and organizational challenges, and a limited ability to execute on new initiatives.

Without a sound approach, a Zero Trust initiative risks becoming yet another distraction, which falls short of its intended goals and does nothing to measurably improve security. The stakes are too high, and information security is too important for this to happen.

Numberline Security partners with enterprises to help them design and execute on a successful Zero Trust strategy. By leveraging Numberline’s educational and strategic Zero Trust advisory services, enterprises can ensure that their teams are well-informed and aligned, that there’s a coherent and achievable plan in place, and that their Zero Trust initiative rapidly delivers security, business, and technical benefits. 

A well-run Zero Trust initiative helps the business in two major ways. First, it improves enterprise security effectiveness, responsiveness, and resiliency by breaking down existing silos, removing redundant and ineffective security systems, and enabling automation for speed, reliability, and scale. Second, it enables business innovation and growth, by giving IT and security a way to “say yes” to the business, with a secure and automated platform for building new applications and new types of customer and partner integrations. 

Zero Trust Security promises to improve the business by finally providing a holistic security model that works for all users, all locations, all workloads, and all data, integrating distributed and disparate components through orchestration and automation. 

Zero Trust is a journey, and like many journeys, travelers need an experienced guide. Numberline can can guide your organization safely and successfully, enabling your team to be effective stewards while rapidly delivering business value and improved security.

Numberline’s Service offerings include:


One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to make sure that all stakeholders in your Zero Trust initiative have a solid and appropriate understanding of its goals, benefits, and fundamentals. Numberline has several educational offerings, ensuring that people of different backgrounds and learning styles can support and contribute to your Zero Trust program success.

For technical individuals, we recommend our foundational book Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, which is available in print and digital editions from the publisher here.

For security leaders and teams who are beginning their Zero Trust journey in earnest, our Getting Started with Zero Trust digital book provides readers with the knowledge they need to begin executing a Zero Trust initiative in their enterprise.

We also believe that it’s important for non-technical audiences to understand the concepts, value, and urgency of Zero Trust. In fact, getting these people–who are typically budget-holders and decision-makers–to support your initiative can often make the difference between success and failure. In order to set you up for success, we’ve created two non-technical briefings.

Our Zero Trust for Business Leaders briefing explains why Zero Trust is important, and how (in addition to improving security), it can also drive business growth, improve agility, and securely enable innovation. The Zero Trust for the Board briefing gives your organization’s senior-most leaders a concise and approachable introduction to this modern security approach, showing them how it can reduce business risk, streamline compliance, and securely enable new business initiatives.

For complete information on these offerings, see the Education overview page.

Strategic Advisory Services

Create and execute on a sound Zero Trust strategy through our in-depth advisory services. Our services begin with a highly interactive 2-day Zero Trust Strategy Workshop, with representation from key stakeholders and teams across your organization. This results in a customized Zero Trust strategy plan, tailored to your organization’s specific needs, priorities, and capabilities. The plan includes specific first steps and priorities to define and accelerate your Zero Trust journey, no matter your starting point. 

Our Zero Trust Strategy Development services build on this plan, and, in a focused six-week-day period, jumpstarts your initiative. This engagement includes the creation and documentation of your planned Zero Trust architecture, a security tools and platform assessment, definition of your organization’s Zero Trust program, creation and kickoff of a cross-functional Zero Trust Program Council, and the definition and kickoff of your first two Zero Trust pilot projects. 

For organizations looking for a longer and deeper engagement, we offer Zero Trust Strategy Execution services. This 12-month program builds on the strategy developed earlier, and ensures a successful execution that delivers both security and business benefits. While the scope of this will be enterprise-specific, this engagement typically includes participation in and leadership of the Zero Trust Program Council, guidance and execution of initial pilot projects, measurement and communication of Zero Trust program progress, and guided evolution of the enterprise’s security architecture. At the end of the 12 months, enterprises will have made substantial and measurable progress on their Zero Trust journey, and have multiple projects in production, delivering concrete results for security, IT, and the business.

These offerings ensure that your team, and your organization are well-prepared and well-aligned for a successful and beneficial Zero Trust journey.

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