Zero Trust Briefings

Turn your non-technical, business colleagues into Zero Trust supporters

Zero Trust is a complex topic, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. We believe that through an interactive and plain-language briefing, non-technical business audiences will quickly and grasp the concepts, opportunity, and need.

Delivered in person, hybrid, or virtual, our two-hour Zero Trust for Business Leaders briefing is tailored to each enterprise, emphasizing and drawing out a discussion of each organization’s specific goals, challenges, and business opportunities. Attendees will understand why Zero Trust is important, and how their enterprise can obtain not only security, risk, and resilience benefits, but also drive business growth, improve agility, and securely enable innovation.

Sponsored and supported by the organization’s security leaders, this briefing will generate excitement and support for a Zero Trust initiative.

We also offer an options add-on: a one-hour Zero Trust for the Board session. This briefing concisely explains the value and opportunity of this modern security approach, in non-technical and business-friendly language. 

For more information, download the Zero Trust Briefings datasheet.