Zero Trust Services: For Security Vendors

Drive qualified leads, validate market positioning, and improve sales effectiveness

Today, most security vendors are part of the Zero Trust ecosystem, either by choice or because enterprise buyers are increasingly planning and budgeting for Zero Trust initiatives. This has resulted in a noisy and confusing market, often making it difficult for vendors to crisply position themselves and be heard.

Numberline can help your sales and marketing teams more effectively generate interest in your solutions, through thought leadership, market awareness, and better prospect engagement. We bring an expert-led, vendor-neutral, and broad industry perspective, to help your organization take better advantage of the market’s shift to Zero Trust, and improve your sales pipeline.

Our Services include:

  • Lead Generation activities, such as thought leadership webcasts, in-person events, and book signings
  • “Ask an Expert” benefit for your premium customers
  • Sales enablement, education, and effectiveness for selling to Zero Trust Security buyers
  • Go-to-market strategy guidance

Numberline’s principal, Jason Garbis, has over 20 years of experience in product management, marketing, and product marketing roles for software vendors, including RSA, Appgate, BladeLogic, BMC Software, and others. He’s well-versed in creating compelling messaging, differentiation, and product strategy, communicating with prospects and customers, and educating enterprise security sales teams to improve their effectiveness.  He is the author of the well-regarded and vendor-neutral book Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, and a frequent speaker at security industry conferences.