Press Release: Zero Trust Expert Jason Garbis Launches Numberline Security

Consulting, Education Firm Empowers Companies to Achieve Maximum Value from
Modern Information Security Strategies

BOSTON – Apr. 7, 2023 – Numberline Security, a Zero Trust, information security, and identity management consulting and education firm launched by industry veteran Jason Garbis, today unveiled its suite of advisory services to enable the safe, secure and efficient adoption of new enterprise technologies. Garbis, a sought after InfoSec speaker and published book author (Getting Started with Zero Trust | Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide) is also the co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance. Numberline Security empowers companies, vendors, and teams to implement, operationalize and obtain maximum return by capitalizing on modern enterprise security strategies.

The State of Enterprise Security
Today’s pervasive threat landscape, complexity of environments, widening of the attack surface, and reliance on weak traditional information security models demand that businesses urgently act to simplify and improve InfoSec. Knowing how to best adopt a Zero Trust strategy transforms enterprise teams and software vendors into innovation agents that safely, securely and efficiently protect data and advance digital transformation objectives.

“Zero Trust is a must-have to overcome the many flaws of legacy enterprise security architectures and properly adopt new technologies,” said Jason Garbis, principal and founder of Numberline Security. “With consulting, education, and coaching, Numberline Security is an experienced partner to guide processes, systems, and teams toward delivering business and security value by embracing Zero Trust principles.”

Workshops, Speaking Opportunities, Book Signings 

In addition to an overview of Zero Trust, information security, and identity management consulting services for the enterprise and vendors/integrators, Garbis highlighted a number of events where he will be presenting over the next month:

“In every event, speaking engagement, coaching session, and consulting engagement, it’s important to help people understand—from technical and non-technical perspectives—how Zero Trust security integrates with and impacts existing identity, network, and security systems,” explained Garbis. “Whether you’re a CISO, Project Manager, or Developer, successfully planning for and executing an InfoSec strategy that works means viewing the complete IT infrastructure through the lens of Zero Trust. Numberline Security has decades of knowledge to do exactly that.” For more information about Numberline Security, and to schedule Jason Garbis to speak at an upcoming event, visit