Press Release: Zero Trust Expert, Consultant Jason Garbis Publishes Second Book: Getting Started with Zero Trust

A Resource for All Levels and Industries, the Book Highlights Five Critical Strategies to Quickly Achieve Maximum Value from Modern Information Security Initiatives

BOSTON – Apr. 17, 2023 –  Numberline Security, a Zero Trust, information security, and identity management consulting and education firm launched by industry veteran Jason Garbis, today announced the release of Getting Started with Zero Trust, the second published work by its Founder. Garbis, a sought after InfoSec speaker, co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, and co-author of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, issued a four-question state of Zero Trust survey in collaboration with the book launch. Those completing the survey receive a discount code for a digital purchase of Getting Started with Zero Trust, the 80-page guide providing the tools, skills, and strategies needed to successfully promote, create, and execute an enterprise-wide Zero Trust initiative.

“Zero Trust is a security strategy, and by definition is broad in scope and impact,” said Jason Garbis, principal and founder of Numberline Security. “It can be overwhelming for a security practitioner, as well as for companies looking to adopt it. Getting Started with Zero Trust provides easy to implement guidance for organizational stakeholders to successfully leverage Zero Trust, right away.” 

Covering technical and non-technical aspects, Getting Started with Zero Trust delivers the knowledge and skills to define and communicate the value of Zero Trust, identifies and eliminates barriers to success, and outlines “on-ramps” for initial Zero Trust projects. Much like Garbis’ education and consulting firm, Numberline Security, the book functions like an advisory service to enable the safe, secure, and efficient adoption of new enterprise information security technologies. Getting Started with Zero Trust empowers companies, vendors, and teams with tangible know-how to implement, operationalize and obtain maximum return from a Zero Trust strategy.

“Jason and I have had many conversations with security leaders of organizations worldwide, and there’s a clear need for guidance around how they should proceed with their Zero Trust journey.” said Jerry Chapman, Chief Identity Officer at Fischer Identity, co-author of Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, and co-chair of the Zero Trust working group at the Cloud Security Alliance. “Jason’s latest book provides insight and direction for how enterprises can quickly get value from Zero Trust.”

Garbis will be featured at an RSA Conference book signing in the RSA Bookstore on April 26 at 2:00pm PT. In addition, insights and best practices from Getting Started with Zero Trust will be incorporated into his upcoming speaking and consulting engagements. For more information about Numberline Security, Getting Started with Zero Trust, and to schedule Jason Garbis to speak at an upcoming event, visit

In addition to digital purchase from the Numberline digital media store, the book is also available in print and Kindle editions from