Goals, a Zero Trust Survey, and a Free Book Preview

Posted: Tuesday April 11, 2023
Author: Jason Garbis

Part of what I’m aiming to accomplish in my role here at Numberline is to get a sense of the broader Zero Trust market trends and needs. And, to synthesize them into an easier to understand format, as well as into a set of prioritized actions, deliverables, and ideas-which-may-or-may-not-turn-into-something-concrete (AKA “messing around”).

I do this by talking to people, doing a lot of listening, and trying to keep up with a firehose of new reports and information relevant to this space.

For example, the NSA just released their Cybersecurity Information Sheet Advancing Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the User Pillar, which will be a topic for a blog posting here in the near future.

I’m also thinking about and working on ideas for quantifiable measurement of Zero Trust progress. We could all benefit from a set of understandable and objective metrics. This is not easy–I haven’t yet seen anything publicly available on this–if you have, please send links my way. I’m also working my way through the stellar book “How to Quantify Anything in Cybersecurity Risk”. (That book is quite good, but trust me, it requires work to get through and deeply understand).

Another way I’m looking to gauge market sentiment is through a survey. I’ve created a brief, 4-question survey about enterprise Zero Trust readiness and priority – and as incentive I’m offering a free preview of my new book upon completion of the survey.

You can find the survey here:
I appreciate you taking the time to complete it.