SDP and Zero Trust: Reflections on 2017

Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2023
Author: Jason Garbis

Six years ago, I stood on stage at the Cloud Security Alliance Summit, and presented on why a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) was a key part of cloud security. Today, SDP’s principles and architecture have been widely accepted, and are a fundamental part of the industry sea change we all know as Zero Trust.

The CSA team asked me to reflect on this presentation, so I created three short commentary videos on Cloud Security, the Software-Defined Perimeter, and Zero Trust.

These are all hosted on the CSA YouTube Channel


(and the original 2017 Keynote is here)

Thanks to the CSA for the opportunity to reflect on all the changes we’ve seen in our industry.

Shall we plan to do this again in 2027, for a 10-year perspective?