RSA Conference 2023: Preview

Posted: Monday March 27, 2023
Author: Jason Garbis

When the first flowers bud out of the ground here in New England, we know that it’s just about time for RSA Conference. It’s also when Scully, the world’s most strongly authenticated dog, takes even longer walks than usual because of all the good spring smells.

As always, there are a huge number of things to choose from that week. I’d like to share my scheduled sessions, and some additional sessions of note.

I will be appearing as follows:

  • Monday, April 24  at the CSA Summit at RSA Conference
    • At 12.20pm, I’m moderating the panel “Championing Zero Trust for Resiliency.” You can find the full agenda and complete information at the CSA Summit site.

  • Thursday, April 27 at 1pm, I’m moderating the panel “It’s all Geek to Me: Communicating the Business Value of Zero Trust”. Agenda information here.

  • Thursday, April 27 at 9.40am, I’m leading a Birds of a Feather roundtable session on “Choosing Your First Zero Trust Project.” Agenda information here.
  • And, my co-author Jerry Chapman and I will be at the RSA Conference bookstore, signing copies of our book Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide. This will be Wednesday, April 26 at 2pm PT

Other sessions of note:

  • Dr. Chase Cunningham is presenting on “Verifiable Credentials and the Future of Enterprise Security” on Thursday April 27 at 1pm. Sadly, this conflicts with my panel session, so I cannot attend it
  • J. Wolfgang Goerlich is presenting on “Conducting a Pre-Mortem on the Next Zero Trust Breach”, on Thursday April 27 at 2.10pm. This one looks interesting, and Wolf is always an engaging speaker
  • Dr. Lisa McKee is presenting on “Zero Trust Privacy: Rethinking a Data Strategy” on Monday April 23 at 8.30am
  • Gerry Gebel of Strata Identity will be presenting on “How to Operationalize Access Policies for Multiple Clouds” on Tuesday April 25 at 1.15pm 

Of course, this list is nowhere near comprehensive. I’ll continue to review the conference agenda, and add any other sessions I find particularly interesting.

Thanks – I hope you see you there, and that we have the chance to engage in conversation. If you want to schedule a time to meet, reach out to me on LinkedIn, or via email through