Welcome to Numberline Security

Posted: Sunday February 26, 2023
Author: Jason Garbis

Hello, and welcome to Numberline Security. I’ve launched this business to educate, enable, and guide enterprises in their journeys toward more effective security, based on Zero Trust principles. This is sorely needed. I’ve been working in the Information Security, Identity Management, and Zero Trust areas for many years, and despite the advances we’ve made, the negative impact of breaches and incidents on enterprises has only grown.

This is due to many factors, which include the increased and pervasive threat landscape, the continued growth in complexity of enterprise environments, and the ongoing use of weak and flawed traditional information security models. It’s also due to the enormous growth in technology adoption and interconnected systems. Our attack surface has grown exponentially, but traditional security systems have only allowed us to improve our defenses linearly (or perhaps, not at all). 

However, we cannot and must not despair. Information security is too important to our free societies, our economies, and our governmental stability. The good news is that Zero Trust is a demonstrably better and more effective approach to security. The even better news is that we’ve seen tremendous and accelerating interest, adoption, and innovation in Zero Trust. This has occurred in both the public and private sectors, where it’s  been enthusiastically supported by governments, enterprises, industry analysts, and security vendors. 

However, our work is far from done; in fact, we’re just getting started. And this is why I’ve launched this business. Enterprise security is complex, and needs to be simplified, templatized, and quantified. A Zero Trust approach does this, one step at a time. With Numberline, I’m aiming to help enterprises through a combination of educational and strategic consulting services, as well as via two books–one already published, and one forthcoming. I’m also going to be continuing in my volunteer role as co-chair of the Zero Trust Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance (additional participants are welcome!).

I’ll wrap up this introduction with a summary of my philosophy, which will inform and drive much of the activity we’re taking on here with Numberline: 

The Zero Trust approach to security is a necessary and urgent imperative for enterprises. It overcomes the many weaknesses of traditional enterprise security architectures, and provides demonstrably better security. Done properly, Zero Trust transforms security teams into business and innovation enablers, opens the door for the enterprise to safely, securely, and efficiently adopt new technologies, and helps them to better achieve their mission. Given this, security professionals have a responsibility to lead their organizations toward Zero Trust.

Thanks to my family, friends, and colleagues, who encouraged me to move forward with this idea. And thanks to those of you with whom I’ll be working in the future–I’m looking forward to the collaboration.

We’ve got lots of important work ahead of us. Let’s make it meaningful, impactful, and fun.

Regards, Jason Garbis (and Scully, the world’s most secure dog)

You can find me on LinkedIn and Mastodon.